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Costume Pick Up Schedule

Hello All,

Thank you so much with all your patience and understanding during this uncertain time. There has been many unknown circumstances that we have been trying to finagle. As of now, we are just waiting on one final shipment of costumes. We would like to facilitate a safe and efficient way for you to receive your costumes.Students and parents will not be permitted to enter the building but waving from the window is encouraged (and greatly appreciated!)

Parking lot pickup will happen this weekend on June 13th and 14th according to the alphabetic schedule found at the bottom of this document. We will have ‘runners’ retrieve your costumes and place it near your vehicle for pickup. We respectfully ask that you wait until the items are placed on the ground and you get a cue from us before you exit your vehicle to retrieve the items. Please do not let children exit the vehicle.

We ask for cars to enter the parking lot from the Pond St entrance. Please park in the spots surrounding the A frame door of the Studio. Once your items are retrieved, we ask that you exit the parking lot from the Chapman St or Pond St exit. Please follow the traffic pattern around the parking lot and do not enter from Chapman St.


Saturday, June 13th OR Sunday, June 14th


A-B and M

10:00 - 11:00 am

C-D and N-Q

11:00 - 12:00 pm

E-G and R-S

12:00 - 1:00 pm

H-L and T-Z

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not paid your Costume Balance in full, you will not receive all of your costumes until the balance is paid in full. We accept Venmo payments (@mitchellsdancestudio) or feel free to mail a check to 27 Chapman St. Beverly, MA 01915.

See you from 6 feet this weekend

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