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Tap, Jazz, Combination Classes, Dance -n- Play  & Musical Theater 

Bethani Moremong

Bethani is the 4th generation owner and operator of Mitchell's Dance Studio. She has been singing since she could talk and dancing since she could walk. Born and raised in Beverly, she grew up dancing at the studio and soon became an assistant to Uncle Al and Joyce. In high school, she had the opportunity to teach and has never stopped! She has been seen on numerous stages throughout her childhood including performances with Camp Mitchman Theater Camp, Beverly High School Musicals and at the North Shore Music Theater. She gained her A.A in Musical Theater and her B. A in Early Childhood Development. After college, she traveled down to the Walt Disney World resort where she continued to perform as well as meet her husband, Moggz. Her most favorite role to date has been being  Mommy to Dre, Rori & Marley!


Ballet, Adult Contemporary Ballet  & Adult Jazz 

Monique Elario

Monique started at Mitchell's as a dancer when she was 3 years old.  Mitchell's soon became her home away from home while taking lessons in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Pointe.  At age 15, Al and Joyce gave her the opportunity to teach a few Ballet classes and she immediately fell in love with teaching.  She then went on to teach Jazz and Hip Hop along with her Ballet classes.  After graduating high school she left for a few years to complete her college career, but returned to us as soon as she was finished. Now married and a mother of 2, she's enjoying being able to teach Ballet and Jazz, not only to all her amazing students, but her own daughter as well continuing the family tradition!


Hip Hop 

Jess Hall

Jess has been dancing at Mitchell’s for many years and is excited to be back as a teacher! She loves the style of hip hop, the music is so upbeat and the dance moves are so creative. She enjoys seeing how everyone will make the dance moves their own. When not in the studio you can catch Jess sitting by the beach or working as an esthetician. She is looking forward to teaching the kids this year and knows they will have a blast!


Sophisticates Tap and Jazz 

Judy Turcotte

Judy started at Mitchell's as a dancer when she was a child.  Mitchell's soon became her home away from home while taking lessons in Tap, Jazz and Ballet. A natural born teacher and nurturer, Al quickly gave her the opportunity to be a captain of the renowned Mitchellette group as they toured the North Shore performing at various locations and events.  She then went on to assist Al with the Saturday morning combination classes for years.  As her family grew over the years, Judy did not shy away from her Mitchell's family and had her family grow up at the Studio. Now a preschool teacher in Topsfield, she's enjoying being able to continue to teach the Sophisticates Tap and Jazz classes after Al's passing continuing the Studio family tradition. A particular specialty of Judy is coming up with a never before seen routine for the Sophisticates to perform that is always a show stopper! You never quite know what they will come up with year after year. 

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