CHILDREN (ages 3 to 8)

Tuition is split into 4 quarterly payments of $95.00 and will be collected in SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER, FEBRUARY and APRIL


CHILDREN (ages 9 and up)

Tuition is split into 4 quarterly payments as follows: 

One Class: $90.00

Two Classes: $140.00 

Three Classes: $180.00

All Four Classes: $210.00

This payment will be made 4 times per year in SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER, FEBRUARY and APRIL


Costume Payments are due in OCTOBER and MARCH.

Costume Deposits are split as follows:

CHILDREN (ages 3 - 8)
Combo Classes - $60.00

Hip Hop- $30.00


CHILDREN (ages 9 and up)

1 Class/1 Costume - $30.00

2 Classes/2 Costumes - $60.00

3 Classes/3 Costumes - $90.00

4 Classes/4 Costumes - $120.00


Costume Balances will be made up of the remaining balance. Please note, we do our best to select costumes that are at or below $60 each.  


Tuition should be paid in advance (every 4 weeks) as follows: 

One Class Only: $32.00

Both Classes: $52.00 

This payment will cover 4 class weeks.

All Adult Drop-In Classes

The cost is $48.00 for six weeks of classes. If you prefer, you may pay when-you-can-come at $15.00/class.

Mitchells Dance Studio        27 Chapman St, Beverly, MA        Phone: 978-927-6582        Email:       @MitchellsDanceStudio 

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