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Studio Parking Information

We are thrilled to begin our Summer Drop-In Classes tomorrow Wednesday, June 22nd.

Unfortunately, parking by the Studio will be limited for the next few weeks due to a major solar panel construction project. They have just started this project this past week and I am linking this web page which has the latest updates. This factsheet is specific to the work at 10-11 Pond St parking lots which will greatly effect parking at the Studio.

According to the City of Beverly, there will be some construction in the next two weeks, then the majority of the construction will take place in September. Here is what is planned for next week:

  • At 10 Pond St. (behind Atomic / Worthy Girl), there will be construction from Monday to Wednesday to build foundations in the center parking median. The exits will temporarily be two-way during this time.

  • Parking at 10 Pond Street will be limited. If you currently use this lot, please encourage staff and class participants to park in the Family Dollar Lot on Federal Street (one block over). There will still be 43 spaces available in the 10 Pond lot, especially along the Chapman Street exit.

  • Parking at 11 Pond Street (behind Kaffmandu) will be limited from Wednesday (6/22) through the weekend.

  • Information about new parking options will be shared as soon as possible in advance of construction of the structure.

  • The public is now welcome to park in the City Hall parking lot (31 spaces) on weekends.

As of right now, we encourage you to park on the Chapman Street portion of the parking lot (The lot on the high right in front of our house). I am in constant communication with the progress of this construction and will keep you all updated as I receive information. See you at the Studio!


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