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The post you've been waiting for...

... and I’ve been dreading to write!

We understand that this is a very confusing and difficult time for everyone. There has been a lot of back and forth on how to handle this situation especially when we have never dealt with anything like this before.Unfortunately Mitchell's Dance Studio will be closed for the next two weeks. I personally would like to move forward as if we will be back in two weeks and the Follies will proceed as planned. I also understand that this may not be an option and when that time comes to make adjustments or changes I will keep everyone as up to date as possible. For now we will be offering ideas to keep you/your children active. Please encourage practicing at home even if only for a few minutes a day! This will not only help you/your children remember their recital routines but it will keep them moving, active, and engaged!

The first thing we will be sending to everyone in the next day or two is their recital music. Some classes may already have their music. Play the music, allow the little ones to review their dances, and older dancers should review all class corrections. Teachers will be working on videos to send to each class. I am also toying with the idea of creating a Mitchell’s YouTube page for the time being. More information to follow.

I am comforted by knowing this is all just temporary and will get better but the timeline is unknown. Although a very difficult decision to close our doors for the time being, I also take comfort in knowing that we are doing our part in what is best for keeping our community healthy.

See you at the "virtual" Studio

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